To myself

by - December 30, 2018

Hello myself,

How do you feel this day? Hei... today is your day. Yes. This date, you were sent to feel life in this world.

But this morning until evening, nothing one to say for your day except your cousin this morning. Your family is silent and don’t say anything to you about this day. Nothing one chat you to say anything about your day. It’s ok. It’s your hope, isn’t it? Surely. You designed to hide your birthday date in Line App, so anyone doesn’t know about your day. Actually, my heart is sad, but this is my wish, isn’t it?

Until I typed on my twitter (yeah, I’m very honest on my blog and twitter, I like to tell my day in my twitter) about my day, and my close friend know about it. Immediately, I erase my tweet, haha. Because of her, I was happy. I got some words from my friends, but for what? I think it again. For what? Ahhh, obviously, I haven’t been able to resist myself, yeah, I can’t yet abstinence, I’m not yet controlling myself. Yeah, it’s difficult. You want to celebrate it alone, but you can’t do it. Why are you always alone and alone? Let open yourself to share your story for others. Again, it’s difficult for me to find people who can accept my story and myself. I’m confused to choose anyone who can be a good listener for me. However, telling story about everything to my friend was my habits when I was a student in senior high school.

Well, let it enjoy your message for yourself.

19 years ago, in this date, the  first time for you to see this world. So, I just want to say thank you for Allah because until now, He still gives me pleasure. I just want to thankful for everything He has been given to me. I don’t need gift like a fun box or money. I just want everything will be ok and better ok. 

Hello myself, 

I wanna remind you that, life never been easy. Life is gonna be crazier actually. Growing up myself, please. Struggling for life is a must. But never  forget to share goodness and let yourself, give helpfulness to everyone. The worst is so much, don’t exacerbate things.

Be strong. Be brave. Be kind. Be good. Be humble. Be nice. Be helpful.

Cheer up for today and the days ahead!

Imperfect Human

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